Working with Carmediation

A month ago we met the CEO of Carmediation, Henny Jansen. As we talked about film and photography, the idea of creating content was our main subject. We started to work together to get some incredible results. Read more about our article below.

What is Carmediation?

Henny Jansen is the face of Carmediation. A true car man, enthusiast since his earliest childhood, sincere, jovial, cordial and businesslike. Almost as a matter of course he went to the IVA car school in Driebergen. Henny’s career started with Alfa Romeo. He worked as a seller and manager for various dealers of this Italian purebred horse. Only after 25 years of experience working for Fiat, Peugeot, Jaguar, Chrysler and Lamborghini, did Carmediation follow its entrepreneurship from its own (wise) vision.

At the first meeting with Henny Jansen, it becomes clear that personal involvement and service at Carmediation are the true trademark. Not the offer is the starting point, but the car you dream of. Henny is willing to go far in the fulfillment of your wishes. He uses a huge network and has built up a large circle of satisfied regular customers in more than ten years.

You rarely have a good idea on your own, and now Henny Jansen’s vision has become commonplace when it comes to buying and selling special cars. Nowadays there are many providers of comparable services, but a critical look shows that expert and truly independent advice is still rare. You do well to choose carefully if you want a reliable partner when buying or selling your car.

Carmediation mediates in the purchase and sale of cars in the middle and higher segments. Car brokerage is a profession. They are knowledgeable and know the market like no other. You can easily benefit from this. There knowledge and experience, combined with expert and honest advice, leads to services that immediately pay for themselves. They save your money, time, worries and effort by arranging everything from A to Z. You only have to state your requirements and wishes. They ensure that the car you dream of is delivered fully roadworthy.

The future is now.

Nowadays we provide professional services for Carmediation. This will lead to a perfect and strong base for your business. Contact us for more information if you are interested in our offers. On our website you could take a look at some photos we have created for Carmediation.